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Synergies Malicieuses! by Julia Buruleva and Gopal Dagnogo

Shared values. A shared commitment to contemporary creation and emerging talents. A strong culture of collaboration and daring partnerships. This is what unites the Brussels African Art Center (BAAC) and inside-out Gallery, which will present “synergies malicieuses!" as a side event of the contemporary art fair, Art Brussels. An exhibition bringing together two up and coming artists from the European and African diasporic art scene: Julia Buruleva and Gopal Dagnogo.

Julia Buruleva - Selfie Isolation

From 29th April to 29th May 2022, Brussels audiences will have the opportunity to discover both a unique selection of photographs by the Ukrainian-Russian artist - featuring the naked body as a particle of the aesthetic world - and "La Ronde Érotique" by the Franco-Ivorian painter and visual artist in the Inside-out gallery , located in Rue Blaes, in the heart of the European capital.

Julia Buruleva - Selfie Isolation

Eloquent and assertive, Julia Buruleva and Gopal Dagnogo convey through their visual creations a statement and a positioning through strength and aestheticism. If Julia Buruleva's works capture a world of beauty and mystery, Gopal Dagnogo's installation emancipates itself from the constraints of the sublime and disrupts its codes to illustrate and magnify irony.

Julia Buruleva - Selfie Isolation

Both inside-out Gallery and the BAAC - which is inaugurating its "Viewing Room" programme - are keen to present artists whose approach and aestheticism accompany a powerful message, while questioning the diverse and multiple realities of our time.

Gopal Dagnogo - La ronde erotique

Led by Enzo, founder of the inside-out gallery and art lover, Catherine Goffeau, artistic director of inside-out and Sandra Agbessi, co-founder and artistic director of BAAC, the exhibition is an invitation to encounter two universes that are both poetic and playful, whose original works lead visitors to question themselves.

Gopal Dagnogo - La ronde erotique

The exhibition “synergies malicieuses!" will be presented from 29 April to 29 May 2022 at inside-out gallery , 132 rue Blaes in Brussels.


Gopal Dagnogo - La ronde erotique

About inside-out

inside-out is a gallery, located in the rue Blaes in the heart of Brussels, which aims to create an encounter between artists, works of art and a different audience. "Augmented" photo exhibitions, where photographs are complemented by scenography, objects, sculptures, video presentations, guided tours and discussions with the artists to offer the visitor a unique and inspiring experience. We are convinced that images change our vision of the world. And we choose artists with a strong message. A suitable setting that offers visitors a unique experience by confronting them with the work showcaed in a "black box". The inside-out gallery, founded by Enzo, accompanied by Catherine Goffeau, artistic director, presents emerging and established international artists who "let their opinion show through in their work". An approach and an aestheticism that accompany a powerful message while questioning the diverse and multiple realities of our time.


About the Brussels African Art Center (BAAC)

African artistic creation is entering a new era in its history, which requires a rethinking of the modes of dissemination and artistic promotion through the invention of new places that are part of an increasingly globalized and interconnected future. The Brussels African Art Center is a hybrid art centre whose primary vocation is to promote contemporary African art throughout Belgium, Europe and the world, to a wide range of audiences. Innovative in its concept, it aims to offer emerging and established artists a unique exhibition and experimental space in the heart of the European capital. For art lovers and newcomers, it offers a place to make cutting-edge artistic discoveries and to reflect together on the new and future challenges of contemporary art, as well as new and resolutely contemporary cultural experiences. Well aware of the efforts required to build an innovative quality centre, the BAAC intends to build itself in several stages and has chosen to activate a progressive and evolving programme. The first step is to invest in Brussels by meeting with the various actors in place to launch a programme through multiple collaborations and partnerships.


About Gopal Dagnogo "La Ronde érotique"

Gopal Dagnogo emancipates himself from the constraints of the sublime and disrupts its codes to illustrate and magnify irony. In its installation "La Ronde érotique" he transforms the ordinary into a sacred moment, a game engaged by the artist. All the drawings are choreographies fixed on tracing paper, revealing the poetry of the ordinary, both opaque and intelligible. As if to break a chain of industrial production, the work takes the time to laugh, a bitter understanding of today's society. Slaughterhouses and other meat factories are transformed into a cabaret where the noisy, naked crowd of poultry comes to life in a frenzied jamboree. Through its straightforward narration, the round blurs the reference points of time and space. Its humour becomes disturbing and curious eyes wonder...


About Julia Buruleva "sand & sugar, color therapy, selfie solation

Performance and improvisation. Staging the naked body as a particle of the aesthetic world. The main object of Julia's projects is the naked body, her own or someone else's. She considers the naked body as the most important element of the aesthetic world. She considers the naked body as the smallest particle of the aesthetic world, a basic element of it. Her approach is always to combine photography and performance, creating a context for improvisation. She creates a possibility for something unexpected, something special to emerge. The way she plays with sets, objects, models and light gives the viewer a sense of surrealism. She stages psychedelic photographs with a surprisingly dense atmosphere that capture a world of beauty and mystery. S elfie I solation In the series "sand & sugar", Julia Buruleva's creative games oscillate between performance, photography and installation. She creates her own universe during the photo sessions, with a strange but visually strong aesthetic. For "color therapy" she invites anonymous participants without knowing how many of them will come, what they will look like, their personality or how they will interact with each other. "Selfie Solation" presents a series of self-portraits taken in her quarantined flat during the pandemic.


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