The day the Berlin Wall came down – Turning period by Dietmar Bührer

The historical events of November 9th, 1989 in Berlin will remain in the memory of Germans for a long time. That day was a holiday in the truest sense of the word, shaped by the people themselves and their exuberant feelings of joy. That day marked the beginning of a new era in German history, which would hopefully be one of peaceful cooperation in Europe. Berlin stood and still stands at the center of this history. The photos by Dietmar Bührer remind us of this.They capture the historical moments of the opening of the Berlin Wall. In the rapid course of our history, they offer us the opportunity to pause and see the past in the light of the present.

Walter Momper (Mayor of Berlin 1989-1991)

Brandenburger Tor 1989 by Dietmar Bührer

Potsdamer Platz 9. November 1989

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Deutsche Einheit 3. Oktober 1990 & Währungsunion 1. Juli 1990

Deutsche Einheit 3. Oktober 1990 by Dietmar Bührer

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Berlin 1989

Nostalgie Erich Honecker 12. November 1989 by Dietmar Bührer

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Dietmar Bührer is editor of the magazine for photography “Brennpunkt”

Dietmar Bührer



Berlin, Cafe Melanie / Rheinstrasse. Dietmar Bührer

Photo by Kai-Uwe Heinrich



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