Sea of Serenity by Bernd Walz

The common purpose of art and science is to find the truth. That's what Bernd Walz has been doing for all his life with photography. As a scientist Bernd Walz used photography only for documentary purposes to find the truth of nature.

Since almost 12 years he has been enjoying the creative potential of photography, concentrating on landscape, seascape and abstract photography.

© Bernd Walz

Bernd Walz loves the sea and the vastness of space of all open landscapes. The images shown here are long exposures shot at the coasts of the Baltic Sea. However, the sceneries are placeless and timeless and could have been photographed at many coastlines. The selected images illustrate his minimalistic approach. In fact his images are a declaration of love for a contemplative, slow photography. And with these images, he has found another truth, the truth of the mind, of the soul.

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Bernd Walz


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