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SeeingHappy.org, a new platform for sharing photography

Photographer and Psychologist Mandy Seligman announces nonprofit SeeingHappy.org, an online platform for sharing photography to promote positive psychology and individual well-being through art.

Born amidst the gloom of a Covid-ravaged world, the illuminating idea is based on evidence that not only does turning to the positive increase hope and optimism and decrease anxiety and depression, but that positivity also increases creativity.

The platform draws on all the elements of PERMA, the Positive Psychology model designed by Mandy’s husband Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology - Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments.

SeeingHappy is an attempt to subtly change the way we see the world to orient us to the positive in our lives. It is a kind of photographic gratitude journal for the positives - to increase our well-being at a deeper level than likes on social media or number of followers which, in fact, decreases well-being if used to promote narcissism and competition surrounding a false narrative of life. SeeingHappy is instead a lens of positive perspective and community with deliberate intent.

Mandy says, “”SeeingHappy’s mission is to bring people together, to share the positive in their lives, to support each other. We are building a community through art and resilience and our common humanity."

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