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Rankin gives ‘free reign’ to 40 graduate photographers whose final shows were disrupted by Covid-19

The next generation of graduate photographers whose final shows were disrupted due to Covid-19 will showcase their work at VISUAL NOISE - the first art fair dedicated solely to the nation’s emerging photography talent. Public Offerings Ltd. - a photography agency whose mission is to showcase new talent from often-unseen perspectives, with a focus on emerging talent, women and LGBTQIA+ artists – sent out an open call to the UK’s 2020-22 graduating photography class whose final degree shows were cancelled or disrupted due to the pandemic. The brief was to ‘be creative’ within a 6ft x 6ft space at MARYLAND STUDIO and to ‘show the public work they will not have seen before’. The response from the UK’s 2020-2022 graduating class of photographers (both BA and MA) was overwhelming.

© Laura Dester

The 40 chosen artists’ work is inspired by a diverse range of subjects - from personal experience, dysphoric approaches to contemporary culture, art history, and an unabashed love for art and fashion - and presented across mixed media from collage, textiles, editorial and film.

Celebrity photographer Rankin will also be marking the occasion by taking over the upper floor of MARYLAND STUDIO to launch his first physical SWAG store, an experiential activation of his online shop rankinswag.com that launched in 2021.
With publications and prints from across his career, SWAG will be offering one of a kind archival imagery going back over the last 30 years.

Showcasing his work at VISUAL NOISE, Rankin is breaking down the barriers between established and emerging arts - highlighting the value new voices have to contemporary culture.

© Safeen James


Nina Maria Allmoslechner, Alexis Andreou, Eloïse Atkins, Anastasia Baker, Ryan Blackwell, Victoria Boissonnas, Chahe Chaherige, Shou-An Chiang, Maite De Orbe, Laura Dester, Noor Dhanju, Suzannah Gabriel, Laura Gaggero, Jamie Iain Genovese, Malena Heldmann, Emmi Hihnala, Charlotte Holme, Safeen James, Esther Gabrielle Kersley, Natalia Lazaro Prevo, Daria Lazo, Isabel Maccarthy, Zara Manzoor, Katie Mccraw, Josef Murmann, Virginie Nugere, Amaani Oluwa, Beverley Onyangunga, Lydia Perez Lopez, Andrew Quinn, Susmita Rai, Mathushaa Sagthidas, Colette Slater Barrass, Bethan Thomas, Angela Tozzi, Robert Tucker, Kaplan Urul, Megan Willders, Taro Zaine


Rankin commented

“Like everyone in this industry I had to get my start somewhere. I was lucky enough to find a community of artists, stylists, writers and musicians all launching themselves into the world at the same time as me.”
“By bringing artists together from different universities and backgrounds I hope we can help build a new community of artists who will grow together over the coming decades.”

© Maite de Orbe


9 April – 10 April, 2022

Maryland Studio

28 Maryland Road, London, E15 1JB


Tickets are available from the Maryland Studio website

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