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Selfhood by Vicky Martin

The series "Selfhood" is in part inspired by the proverb "The eyes are the window to the soul" and a desire to challenge the need to see the eyes within a portrait. The intention in each portrait is to create a character and a narrative and encourage an empathy without the visual stimulation of the eyes.

  • White Rabbit by Vicky Martin
  • Vedova Nera by Vicky Martin
  • Sunday Best by Vicky Martin
  • Self by Vicky Martin
  • Ruby Red by Vicky Martin
  • Red by Vicky Martin
  • Pure As Snow By Vicky Martin
  • Love Me Not by Vicky Martin
  • Le Ruban Blanc by Vicky Martin
  • La Souris Femelle by Vicky Martin
  • In Balance by Vicky Martin
  • Hat In Hand by Vicky Martin
  • Cotton Candy By Vicky Martin
  • Cavalier Pale by Vicky Martin
  • Blush by Vicky Martin


The conscious composition of each image gives the character a foundation in reality whilst combining fantastical creative elements to challenge the viewer's preconceptions surrounding the connotations of each individual outfit and distinctive concealment of the eyes.

The viewer is inspired to make their own inferences about the subject's persona and circumstance by drawing on personal connections and interpretations to each image, whether these be from memory or culture. Therefore each portrait in the series can take on a number of different identities depending on links made by the viewer to their own experiences and opinions.

Vicky Martin is a professional fine art photographer from the UK. Her first introduction to photography was whilst studying art and design at college in the 90s, it was part of the curriculum and she felt completely in love, it just seemed such a natural fit for her creatively. It was not until 2008 after being awarded a prestigious bursary that she was able to pursue photography professionally.  Since then she has had her work published and exhibited nationally and internationally, from Europe to the USA in solo and group shows.

Throughout her photography, she explores her fascination with identity and the emotions that are created by considered scenarios that are based on both fantasy and reality. Her work explores identity through staging and creating realities for characters who often display conflicting emotions with situations. Vicky Martin seeks to encourage the viewer to ask questions of her work to which ultimately the answers depend on the viewer’s own personal identity and perceptions.

Permanent Collection

FotoNostrum Mediterranean House of Photography, Barcelona, Spain.


Latest Solo Exhibitions

PH21 Gallery Project Room, Budapest, Hungary. Not In Kansas, 4 – 27 July 2019

Light House Gallery, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. “Past” 2009


Group Exhibitions 2020

ImageNation Galerie Joseph Turenne, Paris. Ethereal A Modern Romance. 13-15 Nov

Photos de Femmes Chateau de Lomenie, South of France. Seeing Women 16-18 Oct

Photos de Femmes Chateau de LaLande, South of France. Seeing Women 2-4 Oct

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