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Healthcare by Peter Untermaierhofer

The Healthcare Series has been in existence since 2013, when Peter Untermaierhofer visited his first abandoned hospital. A lot has happened since then. Abandoned manicomi, children’s homes and hospitals in Italy, Belgium and Germany have been added. “Italy in particular has many beautiful abandoned places in all areas”.

Still waiting for the doctor by Peter Untermaierhofer

In the health sector, the facilities there are also different from those north of the Alps. The abandoned Manicomis of Italy are then again an own caliber, if one has dealt first with the history.

Patient by Peter Untermaierhofer

In his photographs, Peter Untermaierhofer captures the morbid beauty of decay and the traces of transience before final disappearance. But always in compliance with the self-imposed code of honour for the protection of “Lost Places”, which says: “Take nothing with you except pictures and leave nothing but footprints”.

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His expeditions are journeys into the past. Images of places where time seems to have stopped open up. People seem to have left the place for a moment to come back every moment. If it weren’t for the layers of dust, the desolate state and the nature that reconquers the artificially created places. On them is the separation of past and present.

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Like relics from another world the so-called “Lost places”, abandoned and abandoned by humans, exposed to decay. The photographer Peter Untermaierhofer has been visiting abandoned buildings such as villas, hotels, factories, hospitals, and churches for several years in order to explore them with his camera.

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Peter Untermaierhofer

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