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Shaped Colors by Iris Pagano de Dornier | Rupprecht Geiger | Ingo Glass

Geometry and art, civilization and nature, Europe and Latin America – the exhibition SHAPED COLORS at the GALERIE DER KÜNST-LER*INEN in Munich plays with these contrasts. The works of the three artist friends Iris Pagano de Dornier, Rupprecht Geiger and Ingo Glass invite you to embark on a journey to the cultural origins of form and color.

© Iris Pagano de Dornier, Lied an Südamerika, 1985, Detail, Foto: Andreas Pauly

The work of the Argentinean-German artist Iris Pagano de Dornier is still relevant today. It lives from the cultural contrasts of South America and Europe, which she expresses in her symbolism and sign language and combines abstractly. Her artistic work began late. It was not until she was 62 that she successfully completed her art studies at the University of Madrid. In 1981, at the Summer Academy in Salzburg, she encountered the art of Rupprecht Geiger. An encounter that has a profound effect on her and whose impulses she implements with so much enthusiasm that she wins the “Förderpreis der Stadt Salzburg”. She meets the sculptor Ingo Glass in 1985 during her first exhibition “Emblemas” at the Spanish Cultural Institute in Munich. Iris Pagano de Dornier remained closely associated with both artists until her early death in 1996. Ingo Glass describes this troika as a “creative togetherness”.

© Rupprecht Geiger, Morbides Rot, 2005 (WV 945), Foto: Andreas Pauly

With bright colors, the exhibited, approximately 30-meter-long and 27-part work “Die gütige Schlange” by Iris Pagano de Dornier tells many stories. On the one hand, this work illustrates the artist’s close connection to her mentor Rupprecht Geiger, whose painterly oeuvre is characterized by intense color modulations and simplified formal vocabulary in both small color fields and monumental paintings. On the other hand, Paga- no de Dornier’s work is dominated by the examination of spiritual human themes such as freedom and fate, the power of the elements or fertility and death.

The changes in color and form in Pagano de Dornier’s late artistic work can be seen in the warm and earthy hues as memories of her homeland Patagonia. A highlight in the late work of Rupprecht Geiger is again his group of works “Spirit and Matter”. In these paintings he leaves part of the canvas unprimed and contrasts its natural character with the color. This new contrasting exploration of color and form once again testifies to the artist’s extraordinary vi- tality: he is over 95 years old at the time of their creation.

© Ingo Glass, Grundformen und Grundfarben im Raum, 2015

The third artist in the exhibition, the sculptor Ingo Glass, also takes up the discussion about basic forms and basic colors in his objects. He remains true to his contradiction of the Bauhaus colors red, yellow, blue and reduces his works to the strictly geometric forms circle, square and triangle, which he arranges freely in three-dimensional space.


IRIS PAGANO DE DORNIER (1922 – 1996) / RUPPRECHT GEIGER (1908 – 2009) / INGO GLASS (1941)

17.05. – 26.06.2022

Maximilianstr. 42, 80538 München

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