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Susanna Majuri: Love

Photographer Susanna Majuri died suddenly in spring, 2020. She studied at the Turku Art Academy and gained her Master's degree in photography at what is now Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture. Her work has been displayed in various domestic and international exhibitions since 2005. Susanna Majuri's first large personal exhibition, called "The daughter of the water researcher", was held in the Finnish Museum of Photography in 2010 and received high praise.

The retrospective exhibition at K1 Kämp Galleria in Helsinki of the work of Susanna Majuri (1978–2020), titled Love, gathers together photographs from her entire career: her most well-known pieces are shown side by side with less common early works.

Susanna Majuri: Treasure, 2009

Majuri composed photographs through the things she admired and adored. In her work she created worlds with real substance and invited the viewer to imagine alternative realities; each of Majuri's photographs is like a passage from a fairytale, or a dream told out loud.

Susanna Majuri: Iskaldur Modur / Dear Sailor, 2006

Central elements in Majuri's work include water, strong colors, Nordic nature, and human models who acted as character within the staged scenarios. Water was particularly dear to Majuri, and she became known for the fantastical works she created by submerging an enormous background fabric onto the bottom of a swimming pool. Water can drown us and strong currents may wash us away, but water can also uphold and carry us. Of all the elements in the world, it seems to most clearly express human feelings, memories, and the unconscious mind.

Susanna Majuri & Tero Kartastenpää: Lomamatka lentokentälle, 2003

Susanna Majuri spoke to us through her fictional creations, and she also showed who she was as a person, what she had felt and experienced, what pain she had carried and what her loving gaze had seen. Storytelling was a form of escape for her, as well as a method for comprehension. The wordless world was given form in Majuri's photographs. 

Susanna Majuri: Mykines, 2009

"I always get attached to my newest work – I admire it, I love it, and I am extremely kind to it. But at some point this relationship ends, and I need a new image to create.”

Susanna Majuri

Susanna Majuri: Vesiputous

The Finnish Museum of Photography
Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1 G, 00180 Helsinki

Exhibition Place: K1 Kämp Galleria Mikonkatu 1, 00100 Helsinki

10.9.2021 - 2.1.2022

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