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Words are not enough by Sofia Dalamagka

Sofia Dalamagka is a conceptual artist and photographer from Greece. She is trying to depict and interpret the world inside and around her. It’s a personal need, a deeper need to explore, to express herself through a camera. It is her search for an identity.

Other times Sofia wants to concern the viewers, or to provoke them, or to unsettle them. Even to create some negative feelings for the viewer. She believes that this is a way of creating some sort of contact through art.

Most of the time she shoots photos without having any project or subject on her mind. On her journey in photography, the projects often come into her way randomly. She thinks that every time she wants to communicate something different. The only thing that she is sure about is that she doesn’t want to give answers, but create questions. She doesn’t have a specific place for work. Everywhere is the right answer.

Metamorphosis by Sofia Dalamagka

“Sometimes, words are not enough and you can’t scream or shout. So, the camera becomes the connection between subconsciousness and existence. A personal way to express all the feelings that I hide or just my pessimism”.

I’m trying to shape ideas in this chapter important faces that mix-up with faces of insignificant importance to me but not really aware of how much they affected me. I ”make photographs like a blind man” with my subconsciousness as my guide, my dreams and my imaginary friend, whose name is Franz! “I am constantly trying to communicate something incommunicable to explain something inexplicable to tell about something I only feel in my bones and which can only be experienced in those bones”

Franz Kafka

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