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Waiting for last wave by Sharwar Hussain Apu

Sharwar Hussain Apu has won the 1st place of 2021 Monovisions Black and White Photography Awards with his black and white photojournalism series “Waiting for last wave”. MonoVisions Photography Awards 2022 are now open for entries, an international open call for photographers using black and white medium to express their visual language.

River erosion and flood of Bangladesh has now become a yearly catastrophe. Every year, millions of people suffer from the overflowing of the river Padma, Jamuna and face serious flooding events. During the rainy days, the northern Bangladesh faces heavy rainfall which causes the river to overflow. Every year new families are homeless, dreams are shattered and lives are ruined.

© Sharwar Hussain Apu

Also, melting of the ice-caps of the Himalayas and sedimentation of the river beds also play mentionable roles in these flooding events. Every year, people are stranded and submerged into the water for days. Stuck without enough food, drinking water and shelter- these people go through immense suffering every year.

© Sharwar Hussain Apu

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its Fourth Assessment (2008) report revealed that over the next 20 years, 2 degrees Celsius per decade. Global warming will increase at a rate of 1.8 degrees Celsius by 2100. As a result of global warming caused by the greenhouse effect, the ice in various Himalayan mountains has already begun to melt at a faster rate. Through the surrounding localities, farmland is flooded and also increasing river erosion.

© Sharwar Hussain Apu

© Sharwar Hussain Apu

Sharwar Hussain Apu


“Hi, my name is Sharwar Hussain Apu. I started taking interest in photography as a hobby back in 2015. Since then , I have traveled almost allover Bangladesh taking pictures of different events, people and cultures. Documentary Photography is my strong suit. That’s why I like to think myself as an artist and a storyteller when it comes to describing my role as a photographer. I fill my frames with stories that everyone ignores but needs to be told. They are of the voiceless, the helpless and the forsaken.”



Winner of BPS(Bangladesh photographic society) - 2019
4th BPS international photo competition - FIAP silver- 2019
4th Mahfuzullah International photo contest : FIAP Gold - 2019
Honorary award and FIAF Gold form "Asisaphoto Photo award-Spain -2020
Finalist - Thomson Reuters Foundation Covid19 bigger picture-2020
Finalist - Photographu 4 Humanity - 2020


“Our aim is to discover the best monochrome photographers from all over the world and deliver the best opportunities to be recognized and rewarded for their work. You can compete for $5000 in cash prizes in two categories: Black and White Photo of the Year 2022 and Black and White Series of the Year 2022.

Our annual competition is open to photographers of all backgrounds and all levels, including - professionals and amateurs. We accept all forms of black and white photography created with traditional or digital methods.”

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