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Winner of this year’s Shackleton x Leica Photography Competition

After poring over more than 1000 entries capturing landscapes, wildlife, people and adventure, we are excited to share the results of this year’s Shackleton x Leica Photography Competition.

The Shackleton x Leica 2021 ‘Capture The Extreme’ Photography Competition has once again highlighted the extraordinary beauty found in the remote corners of the world. The submissions depict epic landscapes, enigmatic wildlife, vanishing cultures and bold adventures in regions far and wide, from Greenland, Scotland and Patagonia to Antarctica, Svalbard and Pakistan. They also portray exploration closer to home, in gardens and urban parks, as the Covid-19 lockdowns have made travel impossible for some – these images showcase how adventure doesn’t always need to happen in a far-off land; it can happen on your doorstep.

With more than 1000 entries across the four categories, the judging panel (Martin Brooks, Shackleton; Karin Rehn-Kaufmann, Leica; Conor McDonnell, photographer) have had their work cut out. The overall winner receives a Shackleton Escape Jacket and a Leica D-Lux camera. Huge thanks to all who entered this year’s competition. 

“Lastly, in announcing the results, we also launch the Explorers’ Choice Award, whereby we invite you to vote for your favourite image from the 25 Highly Commended entries. (The winner will receive a Shackleton Hero Sweater and a Leica D-Lux camera.)”

Photo © Tamara Stubbs, Antarctica

BEHIND THE SHOT “The photo was taken in Antarctica in 2019. We were shooting close to some penguins when one took an interest in a scientist and started chasing her – it was quite amazing to watch. While running past, the penguin suddenly saw this man dressed like Ernest Shackleton and slammed on the brakes. The two figures stared at each other, just for a moment, and I caught this extraordinary moment of intimacy between the two of them. It was one of my favourites from my time in Antarctica – it’s somewhat timeless.”

JUDGES’ COMMENTS  “This photo captures an incredibly intimate and calm moment in an otherwise pretty hostile environment. There’s a real accessibility to it, as if there is an understanding between the two of them, captured in a glance, in a fleeting moment. It also captures an essence of the Golden Age of Exploration – one can’t help but think that Frank Hurley himself would love this image.”

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