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Black Identity by Olamide Ogunade

Olamide Ogunade is born in 1996. He is currently a student of Fine Art at the Yaba College of Technology. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, and happenings in his society, Olamide creates works that promote the understanding of black identity. His oeuvre cuts across various mediums including ballpoint pen, acrylic and oil paint, charcoal, and pencil. 

© Olamide Ogunade

My kind of art fusions a figurative expression using charcoal with colors making it contemporary, its talks about situations in African society. The skin is an essential thing I love to create which requires focusing on details, also it’s accompanied with vibrant colors , then I sum it Up with Bubble (this captures the moment of pressure also, the situation we find ourselves is temporal) and My art tends to dialogue with its viewers, calling their attention to catharsis and make them wonder how on earth it was made with hands.I make use of Acrylic, Graphite, charcoal  carbon on either strathmore, alabaster paper or canvas.

© Olamide Ogunade

I start by getting models, making them understand the concept so as to be in character in order to exhibit the expression needed.

My theme and messages focus on the situations in African corruption, self-esteem, negligence, greed, e.t.c , also the inferiority complex suffered by Africans. My art tend to make the society recover and believe we can make our continent great if we unite.

© Olamide Ogunade

In conclusion, My art doesn’t just seek to correct the ills of society. It encourages and empowers the youths to work and be determined positively. Hence, they should never give up because “Persistence is the key to breakthroughs.”

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Even though Olamide Ogunade’s fascination with art began when he was a little child, Ogunade’s artistic development over the years can be traced to his rigorous training, research, and practice. His creation process takes a lot of time as it requires patience and persistence making a mere shading come to life and almost impossible to believe it was created by hand.

Olamide has participated in several exhibitions including Stop, Listen at the CFHILL gallery, Sweden, Afrika First at the Valerius gallery, Luxembourg, and won the Tecno Art challenge 2020. In 2018, he was invited for a month-long residency in the United Arab Emirates. His works have been collected by art collectors from different countries- Burkina Faso, Austria, USA, Germany, France, and Sweden.


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