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Felix Hoffmann becomes member of the board of the C/O Berlin Foundation

C/O Berlin is pleased to announce that Felix Hoffmann, Chief Curator of C/O Berlin, will complete the board of the C/O Berlin Foundation as of 1 July 2021. The board—which comprises C/O Berlin CEO and founder Stephan Erfurt and lawyer Dr. Andreas Behr—will be greatly enhanced by the expertise of this art historian and cultural scholar, who will continue to direct the exhibition space’s artistic program. As chief curator of the C/O Berlin Foundation, Felix Hoffmann has helped enrich both the exhibition space and the foundation. Since 2005, he has taken the lead on strategic questions of planning the institution’s schedule as well as the annual exhibition program and events.

Felix Hoffmann in the exhibition Contradiction by the Austrian photographer Elfie Semotan
© C/O Berlin Foundation, Stephanie von Becker

“What would C/O Berlin be without the passion, curiosity, and talent for improvisation of our chief curator Felix Hoffmann? With his tireless commitment and rousing enthusiasm for contemporary visual culture, Felix has contributed to the national and international success of  C/O Berlin for many years now. His wealth of design ideas, intelligently conceived exhibitions, and impressively eloquent championing of photographers are qualities deeply lodged in the DNA of C/O Berlin. Never change a winning team. An ambitious, lively, and rigorous exhibition space like C/O Berlin, one which never leaves a stone unturned, requires courage, passion, and especially continuity.

It is therefore only logical to continue our longstanding partnership and expand the board with the participation of Felix, who will continue to guide the artistic focus of C/O Berlin with inspiration and vision. In Felix, we already have the perfect person as we continue our fantastic journey through the photographic universe.” – Stephan Erfurt, CEO of the C/O Berlin Foundation

“Over the past few years, C/O Berlin has developed into an independent and influential location that explores diverse aspects of our global visual culture. For me, photography is simply the most diverse medium of our time. Whether in black and white or color, as a print displayed on a wall, a digital file on a screen, or a projection, photography has no equal for reflecting socio-political developments and confronting us with the past, present, and future. Moving forward, I will devote all of my energy to sharing photography in all its different forms and perspectives, bringing the medium into our society and encouraging people to consciously engage with it. We will also strive to convey our analog and digital subject matter in an accessible way to a broad audience. This has inspired me throughout my sixteen years at C/O Berlin, and is also something I will pledge to achieve each day as a member of the advisory board, thus ensuring that C/O Berlin remains a nexus where we and our audience are challenged, amazed, and inspired.” – Felix Hoffmann, chief curator and member of the advisory board of the C/O Berlin Foundation

Felix Hoffmann (b. 1972) studied art history and cultural studies in Vienna and Berlin, writing his thesis on the relationship between photography and death. As part of the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung’s program “Museum Curators for Photography”, he spent time at the Fotomuseum in Munich, the Kupferstich-Kabinett in Dresden, and the Museum Folkwang in Essen. Since 2005, Hoffmann has worked as chief curator of the C/O Berlin Foundation and mounted exhibitions of artists such as Nan Goldin (2009), Robert Mapplethorpe (2011), Peter Lindbergh (2011), Harald Hauswald (2020), and Nadine Ijewere (2021), as well as themed exhibitions including The Uncanny Familiar . Images of Terror (2011), The Last Image . Photography and Death (2019), and Send me an Image . From Postcards to Social Media (2021).


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