I feel that there is a nameless fire burning inside by Ligin Lee

Diverse, different points of view and styles are presented in a section with small portfolios. We are neither elitists nor dogmatists in the world of photography. We are not alien to the world but also do not follow the mainstream path of photography platforms. Our magazine is for all people who like exploring the diversity of visual arts.

PhotoArt by Ligin Lee

Cycling by Ligin Lee

Ligin Lee, please introduce yourself. 

I love painting when I was young, and I wanted to be an artist when I was a teenager. Unfortunately, I did not enter the art school. After getting married, I was busy between home and work, almost forgot my dreams. I entered the Art graduate School in my fifties and graduated with a fiber art creation. Art is like a journey of exploration. The unknown images always lead me. Sometimes I am like a donkey covered with eyes, smelling carrots forward, some people say that I am crazy like a madman. I feel that there is a nameless fire burning inside, like small candlelight leading me forward.

Video Alchemie (67) by Ligin Lee

Why have you become a photographer/artist? 

Why do you want to be an artist, I don’t know why? I only feel that if I don’t do this, I will waste my life, although the rest will eventually die, there is no regret.

Walk alone by Ligin Lee

How and where do you work? 

Photography is my dream in my twenties. a few years ago, I used the iPhone 6S plus mobile phone to take photos and create with the app (Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Fix, Snapseed…etc) on the mobile phone. Currently, the Canon EOS 550D is used as the main creative tool with Photoshop CS6.

Brave by Ligin Lee

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