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Talking to

Francis Lacorte

Franc Lacorte wanted is to express himself, his feelings and state of mind. That's why he diverted to conceptual, contemporary photography and fell in love with it ever since. His goal is to continue to be creative and to create images that people would recognize as his own brand of photography style.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Franc, a Filipino photographer born, raised and living in the Philippines. I have been in love with photography since I was young. I remember as a child; I would flip the pages of magazines and books and be amazed with the pictures in it. Somehow trying to interpret what the images convey.


Where do you live, does your place of residence inspire you to take pictures?

I live in Makati, the financial hub of the Philippines which is also known for its skyscrapers and nightlife. The diversity of the community did inspire some of my works. Though usually, my inspiration comes from uniqueness of physical appearance, richness and beauty of simplicity and minimalism.


Do you have a photographic background?

I had a short course of fashion photography in Manila, then travelled to Paris for another short photography course. Then, I wanted to learn more about fashion photography - styling concept, lighting etc. But when I was in Paris, I was introduced to different works of great photographers, from Paolo Roversi to Slim Aarons. But my attention was drawn to the works of Salvador Dali, Maria Svarbova, Oleg Oprisco.


How comes that you are interested in photography?

Aside from expressing my artistic side, it is also an outlet of expressing my emotions. Also, it keeps me sane from the insanity of this world.


Which photographer has inspired your photography?

I have several photographers that I look up to, Salvador Dali, Maria Svarbova, Oleg Oprisco, Slim Arrons. I am amazed by the works of these great artists.


Why do you work in black and white/color? 

I do conceptual photography and colors are great factors to ignite life into my works. Besides, I like colors, I like muted colors and a pop of vivid color.


How do you prepare for a photo? 

Deep visualization of how to make my work simple, clean and interesting.


What are your technique and the creative process?

I use photoshop for post processing.


Which projects would you like to tackle?

Human form, movements, symmetry and diversity. I always wanted to create an image that could be interpreted in so many ways.


What do you do in your life besides photography?

I work in an office during weekdays and focus on my photo ideas during weekends. My office work and what major I took in college has nothing to do with photography at all. But even then, I always wanted to hold a camera and be creative. 

Thanks a lot Francis Lacorte for the Interview

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