The mirror of this mad world by Hajime Art

Our society, the media, and the world we live in are Hajime’s main inspirations, as many other artists. But what distinguishes him from others is his independent, dark, humorous approach in portraying this modern hyper-connected, consumist, materialist society and our relation with it.

All his creations are achieved in his own house (the cellar, the garage, my bedroom…), alone or with his wife. He would prepare the stage, the parameters of his camera (using a tripod), the centring… and the accessories, and most of the time his wife tells him how to pose, how to place the accessories and release the shot.

And all the accessories are second hands, found in waste collection centers, in charity associations (like Emmaüs), or in the nature. He collects, modifies, and transforms them in new ones. No Waste! Everything is transformed.

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