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Life is simple and complex by Ibrahim Nabeel

No one understands the simplicity and complexity of this life better than Ibrahim Nabeel. Living in Jordan, where individual life seems simple but constrained in an intricate society, Nabeel knows how to walk the fine line in life also in photography.

Unlike western photographers, who enjoy great freedom in art, he and other eastern fellows recognize the restrictions put on them and even develop self-censorship on their own works. Nonetheless, within those boundaries, they always great beauty and uncompromised creativity.
Ibrahim finds his beauty and creativity in artistic, architectural and abstract photography. In his photos, one can behold the magnificence of basic geometric forms, and then be amazed by the fact that from those simple lines, curves,  triangle, rectangles, circles come extremely complex worlds.
For Ibrahim, it is like life and love. Simple and complex. But he is happy in it, with his wife and 3 wonderful children.

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