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New gallery opened in Brussels

The inside-out contemporary art gallery opened with a new exhibiton in Brussels. The gallery exhibits photographs by emerging and established international artists. Their opinions are reflected in their work. The aesthetics of the work allows for a powerful message that questions the different realities of our time. All of this is done in a bright atmosphere, with vibrant pop colours, scripted photos ... sometimes with a touch of Belgian surrealism.

Red by Vicky Martin

"We are convinced that images change our vision of the world. And we choose artists with a strong message. From Vicky Martin's feminism to Iwajla Klinke's questioning on identity and Derrick O. Boateng's rehabilitation of the image of Africa," explains Enzo, the gallery's founder. "With this gallery, on Rue Blaes, we want the artists and the works to meet a different audience that does not necessarily go to the internet platforms. This allows us, and we are very keen on this, to create 'augmented' photo exhibitions, where the photographs are complemented by scenography, objects, sculptures, video presentations, guided tours, discussions with the artist, ... thus offering the visitor a unique and inspiring experience", underlines Enzo. 


Wayfaring by Justin Dingwall & Roman Handt

The history of this gallery and the choice of artists are intimately linked to the personality and the atypical career of its founder Enzo. After more than twenty years of professional experience in the financial sector and for microfinance and humanitarian medical NGOs, he decided to combine his passion for contemporary art with his humanist convictions.

“ceci n’est pas un portrait!”
Julia Buruleva – Iwajla Klinke - Vicky Martin – Justin Dingwall – Derrick O. Boateng

through 24th April 2022

inside-out art gallery
​132, Rue Blaes. B-1000 Brussels

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