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The Winners of the World Water Day Photo Contest 2022

The theme of the sixth edition is 'Water, Making the Invisible Visible' and as in previous editions, it is always closely linked to the official theme of World Water Day, established in 1992 by the United Nations, which is a partner of the competition through UN-Water. 1100 images were received from 55 countries representing all continents, divided into the three categories provided for by the regulation: Main category, single photos themed Making the Invisible Visible, Category Young (under 22) and Storytelling.

Overall Winner of World Water Day Photo Contest 2022
Women - A Water Invisible Warrior  |  Érico Luis Hiller

The best thirty-five photographs and the three best portfolios will form the traveling exhibition of the World Water Day Photo Contest 2022, which will stop, among others, at Riaperture Festival Fotografia Ferrara in May and Colorno Photo Life in autumn.

The winners of the World Water Day Photo Contest 2022 are
Main category single photo themed 'Water, Making the Invisible Visible'

Overall Winner | ‘Women - A Water Invisible Warrior’ Érico Luis Hiller | Brazil
“A technically flawless composition, with a pictorial light reminiscent of Rembrandt's paintings, which pours sideways from above, circumscribed on the woman, detaching her from the bottom and creating an evocative environment and a wonderful reflection that makes the invisible visible, that is the cistern where the water is running out, a light that enhances the shy expression of the invisible water warrior” (Jury)

2nd Best | ‘Tears of Mercy’ Sharwar Apo | Bangladesh
3rd Best | ‘The Camel’s Conductor – Oualata’ Romain Miot | France
Honorable Mention Best from Oceania | ‘A Himalayan Winter Drought’ Ashley Crowther | Australia
Honorable Mention Best from Asia | ‘Water and Life’ Pranab Basak | India
Honorable Mention Best from Africa | ‘Babysitter’ Edilson Tomás | Mozambique Honorable Mention Best from Europe | ‘Diamond’ Chiara Felmini | Italy
Honorable Mention Best from Americas | ‘Glow’ Joram Mennes| Mexico Honorable Mention Best from Underwater | ‘Fish Storm’ Khaichuin Sim | Malaysia

Storytelling Winner | ‘Nemo’s Garden Giacomo d’Orlando | Italy
“A wonderful story halfway between the chronicle of a beautiful action of how to deal with the problem of water and at the same time makes us travel with the imagination, both for the name of the project, and for the images that are real but seem science fiction. This is the year of optimism to tackle the water problem, and this portfolio gives us inspiration and optimism” (Jury)

2nd Best | ‘Sync Swim’ Carla Kogelman | The Netherlands 3rd Best | ‘An Oasis Mirage’ Pier Luigi Fagioli | Italy
Young Category
Winner | ‘Pure Water Crisis’ Habibun Nabi | Bangladesh
2nd Best | ‘Swimming pool amid the ruins of their city’ Mouneb Taim | Syria 3rd Best | ‘Water For Life’ | Raffael Gunawan | Indonesia

Lions/Leo Club Members Category
Winner | ‘Mirror’ Lora Longanesi | LC Bagnacavallo | Italy

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