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Women as Fighters by Hans Feurer at CAMERA WORK Gallery

Hans Feurer presents women as fighters who are much stronger than men. To put these »dream projections« on the scene, he only uses natural light—even for night shoots. This shapes his own effortlessly personal note which gives his work such a recognition value. Bright colors, powerful contrasts, and most of all the narrative dominate his work. This way one can retrace fashion history from the exhibited photos, since Feurer never remains arrested in the old days; he moves on while always staying true to himself. Consequently, he catches the zeitgeist of each decade. His love for photographic skills is mostly based on his love for life and this philosophy makes his photos tangible. CAMERA WORK Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition »Hans Feurer« starting on October 2, 2021.

Hans Feurer, Glamour © HANS FEURER / Courtesy of CAMERA WORK AG

Hans Feurer catches the zeitgeist of each decade

Hans Feurer, Steidten, Gilot, Quirk © HANS FEURER / Courtesy of CAMERA WORK AG

The exhibition features more than 40 photographic works—among them four large-sized portraits. They give an insight into the creative work of an internationally renowned photographer and illustrate, as an example, the progress of fashion photography. This is Hans Feurer’s second solo exhibition at CAMERA WORK.

Hans Feurer, Grace Jones © HANS FEURER / Courtesy of CAMERA WORK AG

Born in Switzerland in 1939, Hans Feurer worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, and artistic director in Great Britain aber completing his art studies in the 1960s. During a trip through Africa from 1965 to 1967, he developed a strong passion for photography, which he professionalized step by step. He made his international breakthrough in 1967.

Hans Feurer, Kirsten Owen © HANS FEURER / Courtesy of CAMERA WORK AG

“I like to show a free woman who’s scared of nothing”

Hans Feurer

Hans Feurer, Claudia Schiffer © HANS FEURER / Courtesy of CAMERA WORK AG

In additon, his work was published in leading magazines such as »Vogue«, »Nova«, »Elle«, and »Twen«. Up to the current day, Hans Feurer has continued working in fashion photography and traveling to the most remote countries of the world. His works are represented in prestigious art collections and are displayed in museal exhibitions. Currently at Kunstpalast in Dusseldorf, Germany presenting the exhibition »CAPTIVATE!« about fashion photography in the 1990s, curated by Claudia Schiffer. For this exhibition the supermodel picked her very own favorite portraits by Hans Feurer.

Hans Feurer, Lilly Nielsen © HANS FEURER / Courtesy of CAMERA WORK AG

“The girls he captures have smouldering looks. Models, famous or unknownare devilishly sexy. Flames encompass his work. Heads of blazing hair, Feurer never wishing to extinguish them.”

Olivier Saillard, Director of Palais Galliera, Musée de la mode de la Ville de Paris.

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Hans Feurer
October 2-30, 2021
Kantstrasse 149
10623 Berlin

Tusday - Saturday
11 - 18


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