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IPA OneShot “Our Times-Pandemic Perspectives”: Winners announced 

There is no doubt that the past year has been an unprecedented time in our history, overshadowed by a global pandemic that has affected every aspect of life across the globe. This year’s IPA single-image contest focus on images that document the impact of COVID-19 and how the world has responded. Thousands of photographers from around the world shared their unique and insightful perspectives, how they have experienced and witnessed these events. After reviewing and evaluating all the images, the Jury selected one Grand Winner and five Category Winners.

The Grand Prize winner was Liz Hingley with her work Kitchen Court Hearing, where she shows her husband, a barrister, attending a court hearing at their kitchen table on Zoom.

Hossein Farmani, founder of the IPA, shared his thoughts:"In times of hardship such as we have been experiencing, these powerful photographs show us the strength of the human spirit, and how we find a way to adapt and push on in the midst of crisis and personal tragedy. I commend the photographers for their bravery in documenting crucial events from the front lines and for allowing us a glimpse into their own lives."

Liz Hingley
Kitchen Court Hearing
OneShot - Our Times Grand Prize Winner,
1st Place in Lockdown Life

All finalists of  the IPA OneShot - Our Times, Pandemic Perspectives can be seen on the winners gallery site

Samuel Rajkumar
Grief Beyond Compare
1st Place, Family

Carles Ramos
Video calls are the new visits while the pandemic, thanks to the technology
1st Place, Technology

Jason Au
Social Distancing
1st Place, Isolation

John Rae
T. thanks doctor Astua for saving his life.
1st Place, Heroes of the Pandemic

 JL Javier
1st Place, New Normal

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