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Raw but realistically beautiful by Donell Gumiran

Gumiran has captured not only human faces, but more importantly a lifetime of emotions and stories. There is much hardship, vulnerability but also authenticity, courage, and no lack of happiness. Donell Gumiran is known for his evocative portraits, social documentary and travel photography. He does portrait workshops for Nikon School, for Nikon Middle East. He encourages other photographers to express themselves through art. 

Donell Gumiran

Donell is now based in the U.A.E. His talent for telling stories that are captured through the lens has earned him international recognition. He is a remarkable visual storyteller, he connects us to the deep humanity of his characters. His work gives a chance to capture and preserve memories of our time. In 2019 he received two coveted awards: “Photographer of the Year 2019” of the Spider Awards 2019, the TIFA Tokyo Photo Award, Japan – 1st place Gold 2018, and the PX3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris) Gold 2019.


Faces of India

  • A girl from Pushkar / Rajasthan, India
  • Beauty Remain / Ziro Valley, India
  • Balti Child / Turtuk Village, India
  • Children of Pushkar / Rajasthan, India
  • Faith / Varanasi, India
  • Holi Child / Holi India
  • Holi Girl / Holi India
  • Holiman / Varanasi, India
  • Innocent Kid / Holi India
  • Ladakhi Girl / Leh Ladak, India
  • Man of Faith / Kumbh Mela, India
  • Man of Respect / Holi India
  • Mother & Child / Turtuk Village, India
  • Muslim Girl / Ladakh, India
  • My Child / Rajasthan, India
  • Old Woman / Ziro Valley, India
  • Portrait of an Old Woman / Ladakh, India
  • Pray Fen / Holi India
  • Pushkar Child / Rajasthan, India
  • Puskhar / Rajasthan, India
  • Street Child / Rajasthan, India
  • Student / Turtuk Village, India
  • The Master / Holi India
  • Tibetan / Leh Ladakh, India
  • Young Girl / Leh Ladakh, India

Faces of Pakistan

  • Children of Kalash / Kalash Valley, Pakistan
  • Grand Mother of Kalash / Kalash Valley, Pakistan
  • Kalash Man / Chitral, Pakistan
  • Kalash Man / Chitral, Pakistan
  • Mother of Kalash / Kalash Valley, Pakistan
  • Tribal Boy / Kalash Valley, Pakistan
  • Tribal Girl / Kalash Valley, Pakistan

Donell Gumiran is also a photographer for Asian Geographic Magazine. He won the Tokyo Foto Award, Japan – Gold 2019, 1st prize in the documentary category 2018 – International Photography (IPA) Awards Los Angeles, USA. 1st prize 2018 The Independent Photo Travel Award, Berlin, Germany.

He was named the 2017 grand prize winner of the Travel Photographer Society International Photography Contest Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and received the „Portrait Photographer of the Year 2017“ award for Asian geographical images of Asia for his Asia without Borders program in Singapore. Donell Gumiran was also named Photographer of the Year by the Filipino Times 2017 UAE.

He was also one of the winners of the Life Framer World Travelers Competition, which was judged by Magnum photographer Steve McCurry. Most of his work has been exhibited in New York, Tokyo and Rome. He was also named Curtin Dubai’s Photographer of the Year – Urban Art Festival 2018.

Faces of Philippines

  • Forgive Me / Binondo, Philippines
  • Old Woman / Northern, Philippines
  • Wang Oud / Northern, Philippines

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