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Brother & Sister by Viktoria Sorochinski

"Brother & Sister” is one of the large narrative projects by Viktoria Sorochinski, shot with an analog camera and portraying the interpersonal brother-sister relationships and their journey into adulthood, exhibited at ArtEast Gallery in Berlin. 

Viktoria Sorochinski: Animal Instincts © Viktoria Sorochinski

Deeply inspired by myths, folk tales, beliefs, and psychoanalytical research, Viktoria Sorochinski is capturing in her carefully orchestrated scenes the world of children’s fantasies, fears, and lessons that we all go through while growing up.

Viktoria Sorochinski: Changing Experience © Viktoria Sorochinski

Viktoria Sorochinski shot the “Brother & Sister” project in Norway during an art residency on the island of Halsnoy, in a house that used to belong to a medieval monastery, and where the story unfolds. “House” is a symbol that represents the foundation of our inner self in the Jungian psychoanalysis, therefore it is the starting point of the magical journey of little Martha and Mathias, a sister and a brother whom Viktoria Sorochinski encountered on the island. From this house, shrouded in mystery, legends and popular beliefs, the two children explore the surroundings, the woods, the unknown… They get to know each other and themselves, and team up against the evil forces.

Viktoria Sorochinski: Reflecting on History © Viktoria Sorochinski

Viktoria Sorochinski

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Viktoria Sorochinski is an internationally recognized artist-photographer. Since completing her Masters of Fine Arts degree at New York University (NYU) in 2008, she has had over 75 exhibitions in 23 different countries throughout Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Sorochinski’s work is featured and reviewed in over 85 international publications including her monograph “Anna & Eve” published by Peperoni Books in Germany. She is also a laureate of over 40 international awards, fellowships and grants among which are Arnold Newman Prize, Leica Oskar Barnack Award, LensCulture Exposure Award, Lucie Award, Magenta Flash Forward, PDN Photo Annual and Voies Off Arles Award. Born in Ukraine and having lived in several different countries, Viktoria currently lives and works in Berlin.

Brother & Sister: Viktoria Sorochinski

ArtEast Gallery 

Gosslerstrasse 1 |12161 Berlin

through February  15, 2022

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