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Joana Choumali awarded with the Prix Pictet for the series Ça va aller (It will be OK) – Exhibition

Prix Pictet is the world's top photography prize for sustainability. Its objective is to draw worldwide attention to issues threatening humanity and the world, and it achieves this objective through the power of photography.

Photo: Joana Choumali

As part of Muza's international season, marking the tenth anniversary of the proclamation of Tel Aviv as a Global City, we are proud to present the best photographs from the winners of Prix Pictet in the exhibition “Hope”. After premiering at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, this exhibition set out on a tour in selected galleries and museums around the world.

The series of photographs by photographers from all over the world that were selected to participate in the exhibition highlight progress and positive change in the struggle to save the Earth. The photographs reveal moments of victory in the struggle against hardship, successful attempts to repair and restore the world of nature, and ways in which a mood of optimism can push us in the direction of change.

The shortlisted photographers present the selected theme from a variety of international perspectives. The jury selected the most outstanding works out of over 4,800 photographs, with the aid of an international network of nominators: leading experts in the visual arts, directors and curators of major museums.

The Ivorian photographer Joana Choumali is this year's laureate, receiving the Prix Pictet for the series  Ça va aller (It will be OK), which features photographs taken three weeks after the terrorist attacks in Grand Bassam, Côte d'Ivoire, on Sunday 13th March, 2016. Choumali embroiders directly onto her images, completing the act of creating the photographic image with a slow and meditative gesture. The jury described her work as "a brilliantly original meditation on the ability of the human spirit to wrest hope and resilience from even the most traumatic events".

The other shortlisted photographers appearing in the exhibition are: Margaret Courtney-Clarke, Namibia; Rena Effendi, Azerbaijan; Lucas Foglia, USA; Janelle Lynch, USA; Ross McDonnell, Ireland; Ivor Prickett, Ireland; Robin Rhode, South Africa; Awoiska van der Molen, Netherlands,  Alexia Webster, South Africa.

Prix Pictet: Photography and the Covid Pandemic (Confinement): The four artists whose work appear in this section of the exhibition are photographers with a biographical connection to Israel, who are principally active in the field of international art photography. Their appearance in this section of the exhibition, jointly curated by Prix Pictet and Muza, invites Israeli photography to expand towards an international horizon.

The artists in this section of the exhibition are: Ilit Azoulay, Ori Gersht, Nadav Kander, and Pavel Wolberg. The Israeli incarnation of the Hope exhibition is the product of a joint endeavor by Candlestar Ltd and the Photography Department of Muza. Curator of Confinement in Israel: Guy Raz.

Hope: The Prix Pictet Exhibition
MUZA - Eretz Israel Museum, 2 Haim Levanon St., Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69975

until September 21,2021

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