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Female in Focus is back for 2022

Female in Focus is back for 2022, calling on photographers across the world to share their reflections on the idea of home. Photographers are encouraged to consider the many shapes and forms our sense of home can take, and how this may have evolved throughout the drastically changing landscape of recent years. 

Yushi Li
One of the Female in Focus Winners 2021
Yushi Li is a Chinese artist based in London, working primarily in photography. She received her MA in Photography recently and is doing her PhD in Arts & Humanities at the Royal College of Art. Li was selected as one of the artists for Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2018 and nominated as one of the 100 RPS Hundred Heroines in 2019. Li has shown her work in different countries and had her solo shows in Malmo and London. Her work mainly engages with the question of the gaze in relation to gender, desire and sexuality, culminating in the investigation of the male representation as an erotic subject in light of digital social networks.

Discovering, promoting and rewarding the work of exceptional women photographers. Female in Focus is a space built for all women (e.g. cis, trans and intersex). Awareness around gender inequality in the industry may be growing. But the numbers aren’t changing fast enough.

From 1854 Media and British Journal of Photography, the Female in Focus award was conceived in response to staggering gender imbalance in photography. An open call to female-identifying photographers* around the world, it is an annual initiative to promote and reward women’s work in an industry that disproportionately favours men’s.

From a pool of thousands of entries, the panel has selected two outstanding bodies of work and 20 single images to be exhibited at Green Space Miami as part of the inaugural WOPHA Congress in Miami, USA, from 18 November 2021 – 18 January 2022, as well as a UK exhibition later this year. With thanks to this year’s exhibition sponsor: MPB, the world’s largest online platform for use photo and video kit.

From Imogen Freeland’s poignant take on motherhood to Marzena Han’s look at the “social invisibility” felt by middle-aged women – Paola Vivas’ defiant portrait of Latino identity to Thandiwe Muriu’s vibrant celebration of African individuality – Female in Focus 2021 weaves a raw and intricate tapestry of women’s experiences from around the world.

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