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The fourth edition of the Photo Festival Influences 2021 focuses on Germany

The fourth edition of the Photo Festival Influences - Influences - was originally scheduled to take place in May 2020. At the same time, the two cities of Beaucouzé and Selb (Bavaria) wanted to celebrate their 20-year town twinning. With the postponement of the festival to May 2021, the current edition is more than ever about living together. Influences is very pleased to be able to offer visitors an appealing and largely female program. And as in every edition, the festival will be dedicated to a specific area and its photographs. This year, the Influences festival focuses on Germany.

In 2020, Germany celebrated the 30th anniversary of reunification. East and West Germans, separated for 45 years and living in two hostile countries, had to relearn how to live together and create their homeland all over again. What is the situation in the present Germany, which has become an economic benchmark in Europe? Are there still visible traces of this former separation in German society today? As a result of an increasingly aging population, the German government has had to take comprehensive immigration policy measures on several occasions. What impact do these decisions have on today's society and how do Germans experience this coexistence? The exhibitions will intensively look at, question and reflect on living together.

The festival will once again take place in the Parc du Prieuré, right in the center of the city of Beaucouzé. The total of 14 exhibitions can be visited mainly outdoors in the form of photo walks. As highlights of this year's festival, the organizing association "Les Tisseurs d'Images" is organizing guided tours and meetings with the photographers, autograph sessions, a lecture evening, a photo workshop, a meeting evening with film and a joint closing day (picnic). There are also special educational offers and workshops for schools, partner companies and associations. As a partner of the festival, the Franco-German Cultural Center Nantes invites to various events (photo concert and encounters).

Special attention will be paid to the deaf, because only a few cultural events allow them to participate. A French sign language interpreter accompanies deaf visitors during the tours.

The German  Photo Agency Ostkreuz is a partner of the festival. The two founding members of the agency, Ute and Werner Mahler, are therefore the guests of honor at this year's edition. The Ostkreuz School of Photography is allowed to present a photographer of their choice, and in this context they will present the work of their young graduate Anna Szkoda. In addition, the 22 photographers of the Ostkreuz Agency will show their personal perspectives on Germany in 2019 throughout the festival (ARTE).

The University in Angers is also participating in the Influences festival. Together with the photo agency VU', it will exhibit the work of photographer Stéphane Duroy on the "German Years" as well as Sophie Kirchner's impressive diptychs. To our great pleasure, the city of Angers has decided to include our German theme in the program of its European festival Angers fête l'Europe.


Festival Influences, 7 Rue du Prieuré, 49070 Beaucouzé, France
12. May - 12. June 2021

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