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Results of AAP Magazine 23 Women announced

AAP Magazine is delighted to reveal the names of the 25 talented photographers who won “AAP Magazine #23 Women”. The oversight of women in the history of photography comes from a long tradition of undermining their status. They were acknowledged as models or assistants, not so much as talented artists. Even the 'Kodak Girl' commercials, confined women's use of a camera to a hobby as it was their duty to be the memory keepers of the family. They were not to experiment with photography as a tool of documentation or a space of self-expression. The perception of women as a subject has also changed over time. Up until the 1960s and 70s society saw women only as mothers and wives, confined to a very specific role. Yet, since the dawn of time, they never ceased to transfigure - through their actions or words - our society. From the very beginning of photography, they never relented escaping from the societal norms to question and document the world.

Aline Smithson
United States
Arrangement in Green and Black #10, Portrait of the Photographer's Mother
2nd Place Winner

This 23rd edition of AAP Magazine sought, not only to acknowledge the strength, beauty and resilience of women around the world, but also their artistic poetry and talent as demonstrated by the 19 women photographers selected. The 25 artists chosen for this edition, regardless of gender, gave us - though their different approaches and techniques - a powerful tribute to women. "Selecting the winners was certainly not an easy task, but overall, we hope you will all enjoy this beautiful collection of amazing images of women."

The Winner of AAP Magazine 23 Women is Susanne Middelberg(Netherlands) with the series ‘Daylight’ The Second Place Winner is Aline Smithson (USA) with the series Arrangement in Green and Black. The Third Place Winner is Maura Allen with the image Ranch Sage from the series ‘Rooted’.

The other winners featured in the Merit Award's Gallery are: Aaron Deppe (Germany), Anna Lazareva (Romania), Lenka Klicperová (Czech Republic), Andrea Torrei (Italy), Anne Berry (United States), Joan-Ramon Manchado (Spain), Prescott Lassman (United States), Silvia Alessi (Italy), Julie Fowells (United States), Francis Willey (Canada), Jo Ann Chaus (United States), Giuseppe Cardoni (Italy), Sandra Klein (United States), Vicky Martin (United Kingdom), Pat Rose (United States), B Jane Levine (United States), Marna Clarke (United States), Marsha Guggenheim (United States), Frank Herfort (Germany), Lisen Stibeck (Sweden), Monica Testa (Italy), Constance Jaeggi (United States)

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